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About Me

I am currently working towards obtaining my B.S. in Computer Science. I have always been fascinated by computers and am looking to pursue a career where I can utilize this passion. I strive to learn everyday and improve upon my skills.



Currently I am attending Merced College and CSU Stanislaus. I am working to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.



As a Computer Science major, I have worked with Java and C++ mainly, but I also love doing web development. I began learning web design and also how to program C sharp using the Unity Engine. I preferably like to use the OS 10 opertating system. Programming has helped my critical thinking skills, in addition to, helping me become a better student overall.

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I made this web tool with classmates at a Hackathon called HackMerced in April 2016. It is a conversion calculator made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I had won a sumo-bot kit from Valley Dev-Fest in Fresno in October 2016. I won the competition with the sumo-bot. It was automatic and I made the bot work with a remote control instead for a project.

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